Membership in Texas Medical Association and the Jefferson County Medical Society total well over 35,000.  Included is Texas physicians, practicing 132 medical specialties, and medical students from the 8 Texas medical schools.  This translates to a market share of over 85% of the doctors of medicine (MDs) licensed and residing in Texas, and 85% of the state's medical students.

  • Powerful, effective representation before the Texas Legislature on issues that directly affect physician practices.
  • Influence and involvement in the electoral process to help elect candidates who bring a sympathetic and fair ear to physician and patient concerns.
  • Reporting and interpretation of state and federal health care regulations and reimbursement guideline that have become an integral part of physician practices.
  • Detailed analysis of the latest socioeconomic research on issues that can help physicians make wise practice decisions.
  • Public relations communications with the general public to positively enhance the image of physicians and the medical profession.
  • Opportunities for involvement in a democratic forum of medicine in which physicians can raise and debate issues, formulate policy, and influence changes to better the profession.
  • Information resources such as the Texas Medicine news magazine, Action newsletter, and the TMA Web Site that report the latest information impacting the medical community.
  • Access to Interlibrary loan and Loansome Doc, as well as computer search services such as MEDLINE.
  • Inclusion in the annual TMA Physician Directory and the JCMS Pictorial Directory.
  • Access to services such as claims processing, consulting, insurance products, credentialing, educational publications, and data to support contract negotiations and utilization management through Texas Physician Services Organization (TPSO).
  • Practice management, risk management and socioeconomic seminars and publications that assist physicians and their office staff with the business aspects of running a successful medical practice.
  • Access to practice management consultants, financial and investment planning, Gold MasterCard, credit card processing service for patients, and a variety of other business services that can help make practices run more effectively.
  • Access to continuing medical education programs that will enable physicians to stay current with the latest advances in medicine and help in meeting the requirements for annual licensure.
  • Public health initiatives to educate and provide assistance to physicians and their patients on public health concerns such as cancer prevention, family violence, bicycle safety, immunization needs, and preventive health.
  • Quality improvement and outcomes management activities to ensure that all Texans receive the highest quality of health care available.
  • Competitive group and professional liability insurance programs available to qualifying physicians.

Please contact our office if we can assist you further at 409-924-0499, or call the Texas Medical Association at 1-800-880-1300 for information.