We would like to invite you to join the Jefferson County Medical Society to allow you to take advantage of the member services offered by JCMS and TMA.  

To join, please select from one of the following options:

1.) Call TMA's Knowledge Center at 1-800-880-7955


2.) Click here to complete the online application. 

**When you apply, you will be instructed to pay both, Jefferson County and TMA dues.**

Once the TMA office receives your application and dues, your license will be verified.

Your application will be placed before the membership, and then it will go before the Board of Censors and the Board of Directors for their approval.

You will be contacted in writing by the Jefferson County Medical Society Executive Office with a response.

Thank you for your interest in membership with the Jefferson County Medical Society.

Please do not hesitate to contact Hillary Shanning with questions regarding membership at (409) 924-0499 or hilaryshanning@jeffersoncms.org.